Illusionary Faith

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By Deryl S. Lampkin

An illusion is a false belief about something. Many people have false and erroneous conception and ideas about some of the most important things in life. For example, many people who fall in love and get married, initially think and believe that after they say I do and are pronounced man and wife, all of a sudden, a magical moment takes place and they will ride off to their honeymoon and live happily ever after.

The same illusionary belief applies to having children, starting your own business, and being saved. In all these events, we see in our cloudy mind, that everything is somehow magically going to work out the way we see it in our mind.

But the truth of the matter is that life is not a hassle free and drama free environment. Like it or not…believe it or not, there are spiritual forces in this world that desire to keep you from experiencing a life pleasing to God. If you dare to attempt to live a life that pleases God, these forces will come against you in a violent way. They will attack your finances, your marriage, your children, your belief in God and anything else that will prevent you from living the life that is pleasing to God.

Therefore, when you accepted Christ, you declared to the devil, I am no longer your servant and I am turning my life over to God and trusting Him to deliver me from the power of evil forces that work against me both internally and externally and in the spirit realm and the physical world.

You declared that I will yield my mind and body to be used to produce good works and righteous deeds that pleases God. You declared that I will trust God to empower me to live a holy and righteous life in Christ Jesus. Through the diligent study of the Word of God  I will learn the truth about what God desires and requires of me and I will do and obey what He commands because I am now a servant of love and truth.

All of this was in the fine print. The preacher just said repeat after me…and you did and he pronounced you saved. Little did you know that all aspects of your life was going to be challenged. You thought you were given a genie in a bible and he will do whatsoever you command. But we have it twisted; we are to do whatsoever He commands. Because we were operating in illusionary faith, we thought that we were accepting Christ to serve us rather than save us.

If he had come to serve us, there would have been no necessity to die for us. But because he came to save us from being destroyed by our sinful nature and to save us from the wrath of God which is scheduled to be executed upon all those who do not turn from their evil and wicked ways and the ways of the world and turn to the only way God has provided as a means of escaping His impending judgment which is through obeying the gospel truth.

If you are living your life according to illusionary faith, repent now, and turn to true faith in God and His Word. True faith is believing and doing what the Word instructs. If you believe only, then you are deceiving yourself. That kind of faith is illusional and will not result in salvation but rather eternal damnation.

Let he/she that have ears to hear, obey what the Spirit of God is saying.

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