Entertainment Can Rob You or Bless You

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What Is Entertainment?

People love being entertained. To be entertained is to be amuse, to capture and hold your attention and interest, to make you smile, laugh, and trigger your emotions, to charm you, engross you, engage you and preoccupy you. There is nothing wrong with being entertained. When Jesus went forth to minister, he entertained the crowd. His miracles captured their attention and interest. His stories and parables triggered their emotions. Some of the crowd was totally engrossed and engaged into what he was all about.

Jesus Was An Entertainer With a Purpose

Jesus understood that in order to get his message across to the people, he has to have their undivided attention. He accomplished this by entertaining them. However, Jesus did not entertain people to just become a celebrity or great entertainer, he entertained with a purpose and goal. The purpose was so that he could introduce them to the Kingdom of God, save their souls, and empower them with abundant life.

What Is Abundant Life?

The abundant life was not about having great treasures and wealth on earth but rather,having a spiritually rich and fulfilled life in Christ. Jesus himself was not rich in material things yet he had everything he needed. He had an abundance of love, peace, joy, power, righteousness, compassion, mercy, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and truth. These are the things that made him truly rich. These are the riches that no one can break into your house and steal from you.

Today, the abundant life is being taught to mean having an abundance of money and material things. There is nothing wrong with possessing great wealth and material things. Just don’t let them possess you. However, if you are rich in monetary and material things only and poor in spiritual wealth, then you ultimately are poor. Your earthly wealth will not be of any use or benefit to you in the next life, but your spiritual treasures will. Your earthly wealth will be left behind for others to enjoy.

The Purpose of Wealth

The purpose for having wealth is to help others in need and not to just consume upon your own lusts. To whom much is given, much is required. God blesses people so that they can be a blessing to others. People often say what they would do if they had millions of dollars, but when they actually get the wealth, they do something to the contrary.

An abundance of money just amplifies who you already are. If you are stingy with little, you will be stingy with much. If you are a giver with little, you will be a giver with much. If you are a fool with little, you will just do foolish things with your wealth on a grand scale.

Spiritual Entertainment Should Do More Than Just Entertain You

Many today go to church regularly and tune in to spiritual teachings and messages through TV, radio, and other media formats. Many of these programs are very entertaining. However, if you find yourself just watching or listening to program after program and never really applying the information to your life, you are just being entertained and not changed. Spiritual informational entertainment should do more than simply entertain you. It should eventually bring about a notable change and transformation in you.

Don’t Let Entertainment Rob You of Your Blessings

Entertainment is a good thing. There is a time to be entertained just to be entertained and a time to be entertained with a purpose. It is wiser to spend your valuable time being entertained by things that will profit you both in this world and the world to come. If you spend too much of your valuable time on fruitless and unprofitable entertainments, and neglect to spend quality time pursuing more profitable forms of entertainment, you will be robbing yourself of both the material and spiritual wealth you deserve. Therefore, be careful how you entertain yourself because entertainments can rob you or bless you.

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