Why Men Have Made It Difficult For Women to Submit

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images-3Men in the past have abused their authority by mistreatment, cruelty, violence, neglect, exploitation, manipulation, cheating, degrading and insulting women. Women are humans with emotions and feelings. Overall, they want love, respect, attention, and stuff.

Living up to being what a man should be is a tall order for many men today. Many things have happened over the years both to men and women that has caused us to be where we are. The many broken relationships and divorces have left women with the job of being the mother and the father. Young boys coming up in fatherless homes, have no role model to teach them how to be a man. Subsequently, all too often they end up as grown momma’s boy who are looking for momma, a girlfriend, or a wife to take care of them.

Many of the young girls never had a father figure to show them how a man is suppose to treat a woman. She never witnessed her father treating her mother the way a woman should be treated. All she saw is different men coming by to get what they wanted from momma and often time leaving momma with another child to raise by herself. As a result, both men and women are clueless about being a good husband or wife.

It’s A Long Road Ahead For Men

Men have a very long ways to go before we will see the days wherein most women will feel comfortable submitting to their man unconditionally. Men have to redeem themselves by becoming responsible on all fronts. Women want to know that they can depend on their man to provide the family with a comfortable living. They want to know that a man can handle his business in the bedroom and know how to romance her well before it’s hammer time. They want to know that when things need fixing or repaired around the house, he takes care of it without her having to nag him constantly about it.

Men Want To Take Back Control But Not Responsibility

Women today, have many responsibilities and burdens God never intended for them to carry. Too many women are doing their job and a good portion of their man’s job. Women, who just have baby’s daddies, must bear their burden virtually alone. Some men want to take control of the woman and all that she has worked hard to attain, but they do not necessarily want to take on the responsibilities that are suppose to be his anyway.

I know that there are many women out there with all kinds of drama and issues that contributes greatly to the treatment they get from the male species. Nevertheless, it is time for men to begin rectifying this age old problem that started back with Adam and Eve. Adam failed to fulfill the responsibility God gave him as head of household. Instead of him taking responsibility for his own failure, he blamed his woman and blamed God. Why would a woman want to submit to a man that will throw her under the bus (in a heart beat) to try to take the blame off himself.

Until men overall, recognize that they are the primary fault of the downfall of marriages and society, things will continue to get progressively worse. Men need to return to God in mass numbers and rebuild the family, church, and community. When men stand up and do what God created and called them to do, women have no real reason to stand down.

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