Creation vs Big Bang Theory

October 19, 2010 at 5:24 PM 1 comment

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

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By: Deryl S. Lampkin

Ok here is what we do know.

We know that every effect has a cause. Now if the universe was the result of an explosion, then we know that something had to cause the explosion.

What we also know is that everything known to man that exist and has logic and order to it, required an intelligent source to create it.

Now if the universe was created from an explosion, in order for all this vast and incredibly sophisticated design and order to result from such an explosion, it would require an extremely sophisticated intelligence source to make such a thing happen.

We can conduct numerous scientific experiments to try to create intelligent design from an explosion and we will most likely fail every time. I would like to see someone cause an explosion that results in the creation of a chair, or a tree, or a car.

It is evident when scientist study creation, they witness intelligence at work far beyond what the best of minds can conceive.

God knew that we would never be able to comprehend Him or the fullness of all that He created. This is where faith comes in. What we can see and understand is the basis of believing what we can’t see and understand. Before we knew about the microscopic world, there was something that we saw and understood, giving us clues about the existence of microscopic organisms. Can we see sound? But yet we by believing that it was possible to transmit sound waves over time and space, we figured out how to do that.

We can only understand the unseen things of the spirit world, which we can’t possibly see even under a high-powered microscope by first believing that God exist and that He is a spirit being. He is a substance that cannot be perceived with the physical senses. Then if we can believe that He is responsible for creating this universe and that He has given us a document that can help us to understand Him and what He has created, we would be able to receive the revelation of his works.

All the things that man has been able to create was made possible because somebody believed that something that did not exist could be created. Because they believed and acted on that belief an applied intelligence, it became a physical reality.

The problem with mankind is he knows that there is an intelligence source that exist exponentially greater than the intelligence of man, but he refuses to acknowledge it and submit to it. Man wants to be his own god but yet he is totally incapable of understanding all there is to know about himself, notwithstanding understanding the universe.

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  • 1. Harry Thompson  |  November 6, 2010 at 3:32 PM

    Poohie, once again my brother “you the man”. I couldn’t agree more, “all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made!” this is my faith in the invisible and almighty God. I believe, I believe, I do believe!


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