Knowledge and Understanding Determines Accessibility & Capability

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By: Deryl S. Lampkin

Diverse Levels of Knowledge and Understanding

There are different levels of knowledge and understanding of a particular thing. Not having knowledge and understanding about a particular aspect of something is likely to keep you from being able to operate or make things happen in that area.

We often find ourselves unable to solve problems in our life or to produce the desired results in our life. In most cases, it is because we are doing or have done something wrong or we have not done the right things or have not did it correctly or sufficiently. In most cases, it is because we do not know and/or understand what or how to do it or we just have not done what is necessary. We typically lack the appropriate knowledge and understanding needed to make certain things happen.

For example: You may know how to drive a car to get you to where you want to go. This is an example of operational level of knowledge and understanding. But if all of a sudden your car stops working, most people would not know how to fix it. But a person who has trouble-shooting and repair knowledge will know what to do to figure out what is wrong with the car and would know how to fix it. If you had the same knowledge and understanding, you will most likely have the capability to do the same.

Two Kinds of Faith

Side Note: There are two kinds of faith and then there is faketh. There is natural faith and there is supernatural faith.

Natural faith is believing something that is factual and true and then applying that knowledge to an appropriate situation or application. In short, it is applied knowledge. When you correctly apply the right information to the right situation it naturally produces the desired result.

Supernatural faith is having an unwavering belief that something is possible although it appears improbable. It may be something that defies the laws of nature and may appear irrational and impossible.

Supernatural faith is a function of connecting with the supernatural power of God to make possible the humanly impossible. God is the power source that makes it happen. A human being exercising faith is the medium God channels His power through to produce the desired result.

Faketh if more like magic, it is a trick. It is not authentic. It is deceptively produced results or manifestations.

Below is a list of different areas or levels of knowledge and understanding.

  1. Creation – Is having the knowledge and understanding to mentally originate an idea.
  2. Design – Is having the knowledge to draw or make a prototype of what the product will look like and how it will function.
  3. Production & Manufacturing – Having the knowledge and understanding to make the created idea tangible or usable.
  4. Awareness – Is knowledge that it exists.
  5. Acquisition – Is knowledge of how to get it or gain access to it.
  6. Installation & Assembly – Is knowledge of how to set it up or make ready and available for use.
  7. Configuration – Is knowledge of setting parameters to make it function in an environment or conform to a protocol.
  8. Customization – Is knowledge of how to personalize the look, feel, and preference options.
  9. Operational – Is knowledge of how to use something to perform tasks or make it do what it was designed to do.

10. Optimization – Is knowledge of how to make something function most efficiently.

11. Trouble-Shooting – Is knowledge of how to isolate a problem or malfunction and determine what is needed to rectify it.

12. Repair – Is having the knowledge and understanding to fix or restore a broken item or component to work order.

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