Some Say “Once saved Always Saved” True or False?

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Salvation Mountain

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By Deryl S. Lampkin

Salvation is a process that begins with an act or event initiated by a savior or rescuer. The savior rescues a victim from a clear and present danger and delivers them into a safer environment. The victim is usually helplessly entrapped in a situation that will ultimately bring death and destruction upon them if they are not rescued from the impending devastation.

A vivid illustration and example of this concept is a woman who is living in a situation with an abusive husband. The woman is usually in a mental state of mind that believes that she has to tolerate the abuse and that she cannot free herself from the abuser. Emotionally, she lives in fear and low self-esteem. She also lacks the spiritual knowledge to overcome and conquer the spiritual forces that enslaves her.

One day a rescuer comes along who has the knowledge and ability to deliver the woman from the oppressive control of the abusive husband. Once the rescuer delivers the victim from the clear and present danger, it becomes necessary for the victim to re-program her mind with empowering information that will enable her to stay free of ever being in an abusive situation again. If the victim fails to re-program her mind and arm herself with the necessary weapons to combat this evil, the victim will again find herself in the same or similar abusive situation.

Let’s back up for a moment. When the rescuer came to rescue the woman, if the woman would have rejected the help, then the rescuer would have been powerless to help her. The rescuer came to do something that she was powerless to do on her own. But by her accepting and trusting the rescuer’s escape plan, the woman is set free from the abusive husband.

The plan starts with her accepting the help and the plan. Step one of the plan removes her from the physical environment and relocates her to a safe and protected environment. Next, she can file a restraining order to make it illegal for the abusive husband to come near her. Meanwhile, to mentally and spiritually allow her to take control of her life, she would need to undergo a process of getting counseling to work through the psychological damage she endured from years of abuse and renew her mind with empowering information. There are certain principles, rules and guidelines she must adhere to if she wants to stay free and keep from being entangled in another abusive situation. If she neglects to undergo the necessary spiritual and mental renovation and restoration, she will not experience the desired transformation. If she fails to be transformed by the renewing of her mind, she is likely to end up reverting back to her former way of thinking and later find herself returning to an abusive relationship.

Once you understand that salvation is an ongoing process and not a one-time event, you will understand that there are certain things that you have to continuously do to successfully complete the process. Accepting Jesus as Lord and savior is how you get started in this process. Because of sin (the abuser), every person is powerless to save themselves from the power of sin and the wrath which is scheduled to come upon all who fail to repent (which is is to turn away and abandon the willful and habitual practice of sinning, disobeying and violating God’s principles) and accept God’s prescribed way of living life which leads to salvation of the soul.

God’s plan is to transform our sinful behavior into consistent righteous living and obedience by the process of us proactively renewing our minds with the principles and guidelines set forth in the Word of God. We must study the Word of God and learn how to accurately dissect and cross-examine the Word of Truth. The scriptures well informs us of what we must do to have eternal life and experience abundant life. And if we neglect to embrace responsibly so great of salvation, how can we possibly escape the wrath, which God will execute upon all who fail to repent of their sins and obey the gospel.

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